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Autism groups say families must prepare for police encounters — and officers need better training

A Phoenix-area incident last year drove  home the need to continue training first responders on interacting with  people with autism and other developmental disabilities.  READ THE ARTICLE

Police train to recognize Autism spectrum behaviors

 Channel 12 News
Someone on the Autism spectrum  may run, fight or shut down out of fear during an encounter with police.  If the officer is not educated about disabilities, it can be a recipe  for disaster. READ THE ARTICLE

Buckeye Police Amp Up Autism Training After July Incident

KJZZ 91.5
When it comes to autism, there is no  one formula to spot it. There is no list of characteristics that fit the  bill each time. And while autism awareness is spreading, there are  still places it can reach further, for example, law enforcement. Now one  department has turned a misjudged and highly publicized incident into  an opportunity to learn. READ THE ARTICLE

Autism Society Offers BE SAFE Training in Response to Police Video

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There  needs to be more training of police officers.  We certainly want to  encourage law enforcement to have more training on autism.  However, we  also believe that training people with disabilities to BE SAFE with law  enforcement is another way to ensure our people with autism are safer in  our community. READ THE ARTICL

Training Promotes Safe Interactions Between Police, Special Needs Individuals

 White Mountain Independent
“Our intent was to  allow officers have actual time interacting with people with  developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder, cerebral  palsy, Down’s syndrome so they could get a feel for how to better  communicate with one another.” -Nathan Updike READ THE ARTICLE